B7 Change Log

  • Position data modified for 25 points and values sent to the screen are divided by 10 (needed for correct values)
  • Set Auto-Leveling return point for Z-Offset setting to Home position
    • After the Auto-Leveling (Measure ICON) is complete, the print head will return to the home position for you to set the Z-Offset instead of going to the center of the bed. This way, even if a user changes the home position to the center, it will still go there to set the offset so there is no risk of a bowed plate causing any crash.
  • Re-home Z only after Auto-Leveling
  • No homing upon leveling screen entry if all axis positions are known
    • If steppers disable (time-out) while on the leveling screen, machine will Home before leveling
  • G29 will always send leveling data even when not triggered by the LCD
    • Resolves the issue where G29 sent from a terminal or an SD card, would not update the mesh data to the LCD. It would only set the proper state for data transmission when called from the LCD.
  • Fix mesh data ordering issue on power-up
  • Reduce Homing feed-rates
  • Adjust default extruder acceleration and feed-rate settings
  • Fix ECO mode icon state, default to OFF
  • Fix Z-Offset race condition in adjust screen
    • Resolves the issue with the Z-Offset value getting stuck in the Adjust screen when moving in the negative direction.
  • Set temperature limit on LCD to 300c for Micro-Swiss users
  • Toggle option for Smooth Motion mode which enables Junction Deviation, S-Curve Acceleration and Adaptive Step Smoothing
  • Add 1.70 screen files