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Creality Control Box MosfetCreality Control Box Mosfet
Nozzle Thermistor for Genius/Sidewinder X1Nozzle Thermistor for Genius/Sidewinder X1
Heater Cartridge for Genius/Sidewinder X1Heater Cartridge for Genius/Sidewinder X1
12V 4010 Axial Fan (STEALTH)12V 4010 Axial Fan (STEALTH)
Hot Block for Genius/Sidewinder X1Hot Block for Genius/Sidewinder X1
12V 5010 Axial Fan (STEALTH)12V 5010 Axial Fan (STEALTH)
Insulation Pad for Heated Bed 300x300
Creality CR-10/CR-10S Hot BedCreality CR-10/CR-10S Hot Bed
Creality "E3D V6 Style" Plug and Play (12V)Creality "E3D V6 Style" Plug and Play (12V)
CR-10S PRO V2 3D PrinterCR-10S PRO V2 3D Printer
30P Board (PCB Board for 10S PRO/MAX)30P Board (PCB Board for 10S PRO/MAX)
Heat Break for Sidewinder X1 (V1-V3)Heat Break for Sidewinder X1 (V1-V3)
CR-10 MAX 3D PrinterCR-10 MAX 3D Printer
12V 6015 Axial Fan (STEALTH)12V 6015 Axial Fan (STEALTH)
Lerdge V2 Filament SensorLerdge V2 Filament Sensor
Creality Stock Power Supply (12V)
24V 5015 Radial Fan24V 5015 Radial Fan
Formbot Thermistor
PLUG AND PLAY Nozzle Assembly (CR-10S PRO)PLUG AND PLAY Nozzle Assembly (CR-10S PRO)
Brass Stand OffBrass Stand Off
CR-10 V2 3D PrinterCR-10 V2 3D Printer
2 GT 20 Toothed Pulley2 GT 20 Toothed Pulley
Formbot HeaterFormbot Heater
Vivedino Formbot Heater
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Tiny Machines 3D PEI Sheets
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Extruder Plastic Parts (Lever only) All PlasticExtruder Plastic Parts (Lever only) All Plastic
Lead Screw for Creality CR-10/ CR-10-S4
Ribbon Cable (20 Pin) for Sidewinder X1Ribbon Cable (20 Pin) for Sidewinder X1

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