This is a resource page for the Creality CR-10S PRO

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Tiny Machines 3D Firmware for CR-10S PRO

Baud Rate is set to 115200

B6 is the latest version! Under Printer Info, you can see which version you have. B5 had Auto Level data active all the time, noticeable during AUX Levelling.  


Firmware (.hex file, can be flashed with Cura or other AVR hex updater)

X LOADER (alternative hex updater) 

After flashing, run THIS GCODE from the SD card. After flashing firmware, it is good practice to reset the EEPROM. The GCODE linked contains M502, M500, M501 to do this since the function is not accessible through the display. 

Screen files (dwin_set) 

Firmware Variations

(A) Lights flickering? 

This does not mean there is an immediate hazard! It does mean that your house wiring (where the printer is plugged in) is not ideal for the PID switching used with Solid State Relays. Most do not have an issue but if your lights flicker when the bed is heating, you can use the hex below. It will not control the bed temperature as well but will resolve the light show.

Use this HEX for (A)

Screen Variations

User, Eric Smit reskinned our screens in 3 additional colors

Download them 

    After assembling your machine, you can watch the video below until you understand the process. Then, go step by step.