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Polypropylene Build Plates for 3D Printers!
Tiny Machines 3D LLC

Polypropylene Build Plates for 3D Printers!

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Mamorubot made these for us and they work great! ♥♥♥♥


  • Superior adhesion compared to glass. No tape or glue needed! Adhesion is improved with temperature so prints can be removed easier at room temperature.
  • Compatible with PLA, ABS, and exotics (good up to 130℃).
  • Easy to clean! Use alcohol or warm, soapy water. 
  • Weight savings compared to 3mm glass (see chart below)


  • CR-10/CR-10S 310*310*3 mm
  • CR-10-S4         410*410*3 mm
  • CR-10-S5         510*510*3 mm
  • CR-10-MINI      230*305*3 mm 
  • Ender 2            165*165*3 mm
  • Tevo Tornado   370*310*3 mm
  • Formbot           410*410*3 mm

How to use

  1. Remove Glass and Install Polypropylene Build Plate using the same clips
  2. Reset nozzle height (level the bed)
  3. Wipe with alcohol or glass cleaner
  4. Be sure to set your first layer speed to 20-30 mm/sec

Bed Temperature Suggestions

  1. PLA 50-70°C
  2. Flexibles 50-70°C
  3. ABS  100-125°C (110°C is suggested )
  4. PC 100-130°C (120°C is suggested)
  5. Nylon 90-120°C (110°C is suggested)
  6. PP 100-130°C (120°C is suggested)
  7. PETG 65-75°C


  Size              PP Plate                 Glass

   310 mm²       .595 kg                  .935 kg

   410 mm²     1.077 kg                1.275 kg

   510 mm²     1.615 kg                2.721 kg

Happy Printing! 

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